Holl’s Chocolates: Social Media Audit

Who Where Channel/ Environment What

Date/ Frequency


Purpose/ Performance


1= challenge

5= opportunity

Holl’s Chocolates Facebook

Promotional photos




-Average 3 posts a month

Drive to store

-Few likes

-Few shares

-Many customer comments



-Great customer service

-Few visits

-No unique posts


Directing questions to consumers

Customer questions-Average 15 tweets a month (has not tweeted since Nov. 2011) Drive customer relations


– No favorites

– No re-tweets

-No comments



-No visitors

-No interaction


Consumer Facebook





Seeking help/praise-Average 15 likes per post

-Average 3 shares per post

-4.9 star customer rating

-34 reviews


Consumer questions

-Positive reviews


– Lots of likes

-Lots of positive comments

-Need more brand presence





Sharing experience-Average 3 tweets a month Praise

-Positive consumer experience


-Lots of positive reviews

Competitor Facebook




Sharing links

-Average 3 posts per month

-low likes, shares and comments

Sharing links

-Building community relations

Sharing consumer content


-Great content, but needs to post more frequently



Holl’s Chocolates: Social Media Calendar

Calendar Week: April 9-15

April 9, 2017

Twitter: Chocolate strawberries are here again! Share in the sweetness by creating an original hashtag for our berries. Visit (Facebook link) for details #HollsChocolates #BerrySweetContest


Facebook: (Use Twitter photo) Our berry lovely chocolate dipped strawberries are back! We ask you to share in the sweetness by creating an original and creative hashtag for our berries. The winner will receive a free box of our berries, and their hashtag will be used on all social media promotions!

To submit a hashtag, you must:

  1. Follow Holl’s Chocolates on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Craft a post on Twitter or Instagram using #BerrySweetContest along with your suggested hashtag
  3. Only one submission per account
  4. Have your entry in by 11:59 p.m. on April 15

Instagram: (Use photo from Twitter), but overlay the photo with the inscription, “#BerrySweetContest” in white cursive.

The berries are back! Share in the sweetness by creating an original hashtag for our berries. Winner receives a box of our berries! Visit (Facebook link) for detail #HollsChocolates #BerrySweetContest

April 10, 2017

Twitter: Jump into spring with #HollsChocolates farm fresh berries! And, don’t forget about our #BerrySweetContest (provide Facebook link)

Facebook: Add a little spring to your step with our farm fresh berries! Be sure to visit Holl’s in Vienna or our Capitol Market shop in Charleston.


Instagram: (Use Facebook photo) Spring is here, be full of cheer with #HollsChocolates! Stop in and grab a farm fresh berry, and don’t forget about our #BerrySweetContest (provide Facebook link)

April 11, 2017

Twitter: Happy Barbershop Quartet Day! Everyone loves a chocolate mustache #HollsChocolates #BarbershopQuartetDay #BerrySweet
Facebook: It’s National Barbershop Quartet Day! Come in Holl’s and sing a few bars to get 10% off your purchase.


Instagram: (Use Twitter photo) Happy Barbershop Quartet Day! Sing a few bars of Swanee River and receive 10% off your purchase #HollsChocolates #BarbershopQuartetDay #BerrySweet

April 12, 2017

Twitter: Pair that chocolate with one of our house wines #HollsChocolates #WineWednesday

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.09.06 PM.png

Facebook: (Use Twitter photo) Holl’s has the perfect wine selection for Wine Wednesday! Grab a glass, grab a truffle, and indulge yourself.

Instagram: It’s #WineWednesday! Indulge yourself with one of our house wines. Only at #HollsChocolates

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.18.15 PM.png


April 13, 2017

Twitter: We are thankful for our founder Fritz Holl and the love he put into every box of #HollsChocolates. What are you thankful for? #ThankfulThursday

Facebook: A Blast From the Past! Fritz, Holl’s Chocolates’ founder, put love and detail into every box of chocolates. Stop by one of our locations and try a sample!


Instagram: (Use photo from Facebook) Fritz Holl is living proof that chocolate makes you feel and look younger. Stop by and try a sample of #HollsChocolates #ThrowbackThursday

April 14, 2017

Twitter: The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. Spend Friday night relaxing with a chocolate dipped strawberry #FactFriday #HollsChocolates #BerrySweet

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.43.09 PM.png

Facebook: (Use chocolate pouring video) Did you know that the smell of chocolate triggers relaxation in the brain? Sit back and relax with a chocolate dipped strawberry from Holls Chocolates!

Instagram: (Use Twitter photo) Dream a little dream of CHOCOLATE! #RelaxationFriday #HollsChocolates

April 15, 2017

Twitter: Don’t Keep Calm, It’s Contest Time! This is the last day to submit entries for the #BerrySweetContest Visit (Facebook link) for details! #HollsChocolates

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.48.52 PM.png

Facebook: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT ENTRIES FOR THE HASHTAG CONTEST! All submission must be posted by 11:59 p.m.

To submit a hashtag, you must:

  1. Follow Holl’s Chocolates on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Craft a post on Twitter or Instagram using #BerrySweetContest along with your suggested hashtag
  3. Only one submission per account

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.49.22 PM.png

Instagram: (Use Facebook photo) Get your submissions in for the #BerrySweetContest. The winner will receive a box of our chocolate strawberries! Visit (Facbook link) for details #HollsChocolates

Holl’s Chocolates: The Channels

The following social media channels are the most beneficial for Holl’s Chocolates. An analysis of the target audience shows members spend a most of their time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms will encourage engagement between the business and its audience.


Facebook is the most popular social network with women ages 24-34. Therefore, it must be utilized in Holl’s Chocolates’ campaign. 70 percent of adults in this age range use it daily. Facebook allows users to check-in to Holl’s by applying the location service on their phone, write reviews and post photos to the business’ page.

Facebook has already proven to be an asset because, the Holl’s page acts as a customer service hotline. It uses the platform to respond to questions and customer reviews. Also, a link to its website is provided along with a phone number, store hours and directions.

Holl’s Chocolates is using its Facebook to solely promote seasonal products. However, in doing so, it only posts 1-2 times a month. The best feature about Holl’s Chocolates’ Facebook is the quality service it provides in responding to users in a timely manner.

Pros Cons
Available to a wide range of demographics Posts get lost in user’s feed
Builds brand loyalty Does not tell Holl’s story
Serves as a customer service tool Time and resources for the upkeep of the page
Become a promoted post Difficult to know if you are reaching your target audience


Instagram appeals to a wide variety of demographics, but it is most popular with the target audience. This is a wonderful platform because, social media is turning toward a visual age. To break through the noise, an organization has to release worthy content. Holl’s will be able to share how-to’s and behind-the-scenes looks at how chocolate is made using video.

As of this moment, Holl’s Chocolates does not own an Instagram account. However, with the creation of one, Instagram will become a platform for user engagement. Patrons will be able to share photos with the branded hashtag, and from there Holl’s will be able to re-post the content. Instagram is also a great place for the business to hold contests.

Pros Cons
Free account Time and resources for account upkeep
Become a promoted post
Increased interaction
Provides Holl’s with free user content


While only 25% of millennials are active on this platform, it is still useful for Holl’s Chocolates to post updates and run promotions on Twitter. Twitter is a great place for any organization to engage with users by asking questions, re-tweeting, favoriting and commenting. Holl’s will accomplish this by using a branded hashtag that will also exist on its Instagram.

Right now, Holl’s Chocolates’ account is not in use. It has not been updated since November of 2011. When it was active, Holl’s used this medium to ask questions to its followers and promote seasonal items. To make it a more effective account, it needs to schedule updates, link all social media accounts, cross post and have a more cohesive aesthetic.

Pros Cons
The branded hashtag will make Holl’s easier to find 140 character limit
Allows links to other pages Time and resources for the upkeep of the page
By following, users will see all content published Do not know how active followers are or will be

Indulge Yourself: Holl’s Chocolates Commercial

      The commercial is based on the story of Fritz and Elizabeth Holl. In the late 1950’s Fritz immigrated to the U.S. The two bought a storefront in Parkersburg, West Virginia for Holl’s Chocolates. Clerks at Holl’s were expected to know every guests, their favorite flowers and their spouses’s favorite flowers. 

Time Audio Video
(0:00 – 0:02) “Dream a Little Dream” cover throughout entire video. The scene is in a Swiss Village during the 1950’s. An Attractive young lady runs into a handsome young man on the streets dropping her box of chocolates and rose (wide shot).
(0:03 – 0:05) “   “ Both individuals lean down to retrieve the fallen items (wide side shot).
(0:06 – 0:07) “   “ The man smirking, holds the rose in front of his face (tight shot).
(0:08 – 0:09) “   “ The woman smiles (tight shot).
(0:10 – 0:12) “   “ The man is handcrafting chocolate in molds (medium side shot).
(0:13 – 0:15) “   “ The young man’s hands are stopped by his wife’s. We see a wedding band on their now entwined hands (tight shot).
(0:16 – 0:18) “   “ The couple is walking arm and arm down a cobblestone street in the winter (wide shot).
(0:19 – 0:22) “   “ The couple stops to look through a dusty storefront window. They look at each other and smile (medium shot on other side of the window).
(0:23 – 0:26) “   “ It is now present time, and the storefront has transformed into a new chocolate shop. An attractive, young man is standing at the counter talking with the owners, now taken with age, hand the gentleman a chocolate box with the Holl’s Chocolates insignia and a rose. With a smile, the man turns around (medium side shot).
(0:27 – 0:28). “   “ The young man runs into an attractive young woman dropping his purchase (medium shot).
(0:29 – 0:30) “   “ The two lean down to pick up the items (wide side shot).
(0:31 – 0:33) “   “ The young man smirking, holds the rose in front of his face  while the young miss smiles at him (tight side shot).
(0:34 – 0:37) “Dream a Little Dream” has faded, and a Voiceover states, “Holl’s Chocolates, indulge yourself.” Black screen as the Holl’s Chocolates insignia is written in white.

It Never Hurts to Be a Little Sweeter: Holl’s Chocolates Paper Edit

Holl’s Chocolates


The focus is to bring awareness to the one-of-a-kind shop that is Holl’s Chocolates. Holl’s needs to be seen as a luxury product, but also as a quality service because of the customer relationships owners and workers form with every person that walks through the door.


Holl’s Chocolates was the dream of a Swiss immigrant. Everything, from the recipes to the standards set by Fritz Holl and his wife, is the same as it opened in 1986. While many people know of Holl’s existence, they do not know of its heritage.


The target audience is women ages 24-34. They are women who work an 8-5 day. So, they would be able to visit after their office hours. With no established families of their own and an average income of $40,000 a year, they have flexible spending.

Content Points

  • Unique
  • Luxury
  • Service
  • Heritage


Holl’s Chocolates is family-owned business that specializes in crafting quality chocolates. Its story of how it was established is often overlooked.

Voice Over. Holl’s Chocolates, located in Vienna, West Virginia, is the best locally owned shop in the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Owner. We take pride in offering luxury in the form of life’s sweetest gift – chocolate.

Patron 1. You can never go wrong at Holl’s. Every piece of chocolate just melts in your mouth and is delicious down to the last bite.

Owner. When you walk in the door, you’re not just another guests, you become one of the family.

Patron 2. I love coming in the shop. I am always greeted with a smile and a free piece of chocolate!

Patron 1. You know, it’s not just about the chocolate Holl’s offers. It is unique in the fact that I am able to purchase coffee or wine that pairs perfectly with my favorite cream truffles.

Owner. Every morning we handcraft all of our treats. We make it our business to make sure everything that hits your taste buds is perfect and smooth.

Patron 2. Nothing in this world compares to Holl’s. It is based on Swiss history and heritage.

Patron 1. It is the only place that reminds me, ” it never hurts to be a little sweeter”.

Voice Over. Visit Holl’s Chocolates locations in Vienna and Charleston, West Virginia or online at holls.com.

Eat More Chocolate: Holl’s Chocolates Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Holl’s Chocolates: Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Goal: Engage women ages 24-34 and attract attention to social media platforms.

Objective 1: Create a Holl’s Chocolates Instagram account and gain 800 followers by November 1, 2016.

Strategy 1: Construct a proper Instagram aesthetic.

  • Tactic 1.1: Use the hashtag #HollsChocolates on all posts, and encourage users to do the same.
  • Tactic 1.2: Maintain a theme by continuing to post clean and, or professional content.
  • Tactic 1.3: Source old photos to tell the story of Holl’s Chocolates.
  • Tactic 1.4: Interact with users by following accounts, liking photos and commenting on posts.

Strategy 2: Create exposure for the Instagram account by using available and owned media channels.

  • Tactic 2.3: Add the Instagram link to Holl’s Chocolates website and any promotional material.
  • Tactic 2.2: Utilize Instagram’s paid advertisement feature and become a “promoted post”.
  • Tactic 2.1: Cross post from the Holl’s Chocolates Facebook page with a link and the hashtag #HollsChocolates.
  • Tactic 2.4: Post at least three consumer generated posts a week, and use the same Instagram filter when reposting to maintain a theme.

Objective 2: Host an in-store and out-of-store events every three months.

Strategy 1: Contact local institutions of learning and schedule mixers to spark student engagement.

  • Tactic 1.1: Build a mutually beneficial relationship with colleges by sponsoring student organizations.
  • Tactic 1.2: Offer a 10% discount to individuals when they present a student ID.
  • Tactic 1.3: Invite other area businesses so they may present their product or service.
  • Tactic 1.4: Make announcements, limited time offers and offer free samples throughout the event.

Strategy 2: Host an open house at the Holl’s Chocolates location in Vienna, West Virginia.

  • Tactic 2.1: Transform it into an elite event by only inviting a select number of individuals.
  • Tactic 2.2: Select guests by running a social media contest.
  • Tactic 2.3: Offer free samples and discounts during the event.
  • Tactic 2.4: Give guests a behind-the-scenes tour of the business.

Objective 3: Re-activate the Holl’s Chocolates Twitter account and gain 400 followers by November 1, 2016.

Strategy 1: Modify the Holl’s Chocolates Twitter aesthetic.

  • Tactic 1.1: Feature products in the account header.
  • Tactic 1.2: Use the hashtag #HollsChocolates on all posts, and encourage users to do the same.
  • Tactic 1.3: Interact with users by following accounts and favoriting and replying to tweets.
  • Tactic 1.4: Optimize Holl’s Chocolates Twitter bio by adding a tagline to capture users’ attention.

Strategy 2: Create a Hootsuite account to manage all social media platforms

  • Tactic 2.1: Schedule at least three weekly posts for the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Tactic 2.2: Track each social media campaign to improve Holl’s Chocolates return of investment.
  • Tactic 2.3: Track customer comments to not only to reply to users, but to also improve the business based on criticism.
  • Tactic 2.4: Release clean and professional media featuring daily, weekly and monthly specials.

Objective 4: Increase Holl’s Chocolates location visibility, and increase online sales by January 1, 2017.

Strategy 1: Increase awareness of the Vienna, WV location in consumer minds.

  • Tactic 1.1: Maximize retail signage.
  • Tactic 1.2: Provide employees with branded products (shirts, koozies, totes, briefcases etc.)
  • Tactic 1.3: Offer customers portable signage in the form of reusable shopping bags with the Holl’s Chocolates logo and location.
  • Tactic 1.4: Decorate company vehicles.

Strategy 2: Form relationships with area and statewide businesses.

  • Tactic 2.1: Cross-promote Holl’s in a noncompetitive business’ storefront window
  • Tactic 2.2: Schedule a demonstration in another store, business or non-profit organization.
  • Tactic 2.3: Compose articles for local media.
  • Tactic 2.4: Have a representative attend relevant events.
  • Tactic 2.5: Expand Holl’s Chocolates to area and statewide marketplaces.
  • Tactic 2.6: In every location, maintain uniformity in appearance and customer service.

Strategy 3: Reposition the Holl’s Chocolates website in the minds of consumers.

  • Tactic 3.1: Offer an exclusive product on the homepage.
  • Tactic 3.2: Promote online ordering using owned and available social media platforms.
  • Tactic 3.3: Send opt-in offers every two weeks to email subscribers.
  • Tactic 3.4: Create a hover ad for the website in which a discount is provided in exchange for an email subscription.
  • Tactic 3.5: Include customer testimonials in sales letters.

Be Adventurous, Have a Laugh and Grab a Coke

Top three commercial picks from across the years:

  1. Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World

Is The Most Interesting Man in the World not so interesting? Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis announced it was time to evolve the story and introduce a new face to millennials.

2. It’s Not Complicated AT&T

While this commercial is six years old, it still holds a few laughs. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun every now and then?

3. Coca-Cola: Brotherly Love

Coca-Cola captured the unique relationship between two brothers (no one can hurt my brother except for me). The story is even put to the song “Hey Brother” by Avicii.