Holl’s Chocolates: The Channels

The following social media channels are the most beneficial for Holl’s Chocolates. An analysis of the target audience shows members spend a most of their time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms will encourage engagement between the business and its audience.


Facebook is the most popular social network with women ages 24-34. Therefore, it must be utilized in Holl’s Chocolates’ campaign. 70 percent of adults in this age range use it daily. Facebook allows users to check-in to Holl’s by applying the location service on their phone, write reviews and post photos to the business’ page.

Facebook has already proven to be an asset because, the Holl’s page acts as a customer service hotline. It uses the platform to respond to questions and customer reviews. Also, a link to its website is provided along with a phone number, store hours and directions.

Holl’s Chocolates is using its Facebook to solely promote seasonal products. However, in doing so, it only posts 1-2 times a month. The best feature about Holl’s Chocolates’ Facebook is the quality service it provides in responding to users in a timely manner.

Pros Cons
Available to a wide range of demographics Posts get lost in user’s feed
Builds brand loyalty Does not tell Holl’s story
Serves as a customer service tool Time and resources for the upkeep of the page
Become a promoted post Difficult to know if you are reaching your target audience


Instagram appeals to a wide variety of demographics, but it is most popular with the target audience. This is a wonderful platform because, social media is turning toward a visual age. To break through the noise, an organization has to release worthy content. Holl’s will be able to share how-to’s and behind-the-scenes looks at how chocolate is made using video.

As of this moment, Holl’s Chocolates does not own an Instagram account. However, with the creation of one, Instagram will become a platform for user engagement. Patrons will be able to share photos with the branded hashtag, and from there Holl’s will be able to re-post the content. Instagram is also a great place for the business to hold contests.

Pros Cons
Free account Time and resources for account upkeep
Become a promoted post
Increased interaction
Provides Holl’s with free user content


While only 25% of millennials are active on this platform, it is still useful for Holl’s Chocolates to post updates and run promotions on Twitter. Twitter is a great place for any organization to engage with users by asking questions, re-tweeting, favoriting and commenting. Holl’s will accomplish this by using a branded hashtag that will also exist on its Instagram.

Right now, Holl’s Chocolates’ account is not in use. It has not been updated since November of 2011. When it was active, Holl’s used this medium to ask questions to its followers and promote seasonal items. To make it a more effective account, it needs to schedule updates, link all social media accounts, cross post and have a more cohesive aesthetic.

Pros Cons
The branded hashtag will make Holl’s easier to find 140 character limit
Allows links to other pages Time and resources for the upkeep of the page
By following, users will see all content published Do not know how active followers are or will be

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