Indulge Yourself: Holl’s Chocolates Commercial

      The commercial is based on the story of Fritz and Elizabeth Holl. In the late 1950’s Fritz immigrated to the U.S. The two bought a storefront in Parkersburg, West Virginia for Holl’s Chocolates. Clerks at Holl’s were expected to know every guests, their favorite flowers and their spouses’s favorite flowers. 

Time Audio Video
(0:00 – 0:02) “Dream a Little Dream” cover throughout entire video. The scene is in a Swiss Village during the 1950’s. An Attractive young lady runs into a handsome young man on the streets dropping her box of chocolates and rose (wide shot).
(0:03 – 0:05) “   “ Both individuals lean down to retrieve the fallen items (wide side shot).
(0:06 – 0:07) “   “ The man smirking, holds the rose in front of his face (tight shot).
(0:08 – 0:09) “   “ The woman smiles (tight shot).
(0:10 – 0:12) “   “ The man is handcrafting chocolate in molds (medium side shot).
(0:13 – 0:15) “   “ The young man’s hands are stopped by his wife’s. We see a wedding band on their now entwined hands (tight shot).
(0:16 – 0:18) “   “ The couple is walking arm and arm down a cobblestone street in the winter (wide shot).
(0:19 – 0:22) “   “ The couple stops to look through a dusty storefront window. They look at each other and smile (medium shot on other side of the window).
(0:23 – 0:26) “   “ It is now present time, and the storefront has transformed into a new chocolate shop. An attractive, young man is standing at the counter talking with the owners, now taken with age, hand the gentleman a chocolate box with the Holl’s Chocolates insignia and a rose. With a smile, the man turns around (medium side shot).
(0:27 – 0:28). “   “ The young man runs into an attractive young woman dropping his purchase (medium shot).
(0:29 – 0:30) “   “ The two lean down to pick up the items (wide side shot).
(0:31 – 0:33) “   “ The young man smirking, holds the rose in front of his face  while the young miss smiles at him (tight side shot).
(0:34 – 0:37) “Dream a Little Dream” has faded, and a Voiceover states, “Holl’s Chocolates, indulge yourself.” Black screen as the Holl’s Chocolates insignia is written in white.

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