Dove Real Beauty Sketch: You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” went viral three years ago. Today, it has over 6 million views on YouTube. The brand loves to celebrate women, and it even started its own beauty campaign in 2004. This video is one of many in the series of the campaign.

The goal of this particular video is to promote a positive body image. Ultimately, feeling beautiful leads to a happy, healthier life. One reason Dove was able to break through the social media clutter is because it has an established brand personality. As stated before, Dove released similar content promoting a healthy self-image. So, if a consumer enjoyed previous content, they are going to be on the watch for more (no pun intended), and will clink the link when a new post is uploaded.

Of course, the video elicits strong emotions from viewers, increasing is shareability. Personally, I responded with emotions of warmth, happiness and inspiration. Users are sharing Dove’s content because it has a social motive behind it; they want to be a part of a movement.

In general, this is brilliant storytelling. Dove uses real women of all size, weight, age and race. This leads to the plot of the short film. Gil Zamora, a forensic sketch artist draws women based on their own self-perception. When describing themselves, the women mainly pointed out characteristics they would change about themselves (thin lips, wrinkles and dark circles). Then, a stranger, who has met one of the women previously, gives their own description of the individual. The stranger’s sketch was more attractive and accurate than that of the actual woman.

At the end, the brand positioning statement, “You are more beautiful than you think” appears on the stark white screen.

Dove also has a strong strategy in releasing its content. It was uploaded in 25 different languages and seen in 110 countries.  Besides releasing the positioning statement at the close of the film, Dove displays a link allowing viewers to experience more beauty sketches.



4 thoughts on “Dove Real Beauty Sketch: You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

  1. This is good branding video. Great job! Dove is saying we care for women of all ages, their look-out,making them feel confident and beautiful to happy, healthier life and inspiring them. That’s great, but I personally (from social media perspective) I could tell its about personal care or some sort of beauty or artistry ads even without seeing the positioning statement at the end.


  2. This is a great example for empowering women of all shapes, ages, and races. Dove did an amazing job getting a heartfelt video to its viewers. This is a story that so many people all over the world can find themselves relating to. It is also very smart of them to release their ad campaigns and videos in so many different languages because no matter where you are from everyone can relate to the message they are trying to perceive.


  3. This is a great branding commercial. Dove always does great stories for the large campaings to really get you to think about you. When you get women thinking about themselves it is mostly like the women when they are describing themselves. It is very hard to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. This was a wonderful way to show that not everyone see’s you like you see you. All women are beautiful in their own way even if they don’t feel it. That is a great thing to show and promote. Seeing the reactions to how someone else saw them was great also to see how they saw themselves as well. Dove did a great job with this.


  4. I chose mens Dove as a branding video. Dove is great presenting their product in commercials making them family friendly and inspiring to both male and female. Great Job.


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