Target Audience: Holl’s Chocolates


Sex: According to a recent study by NCA & The Futures Company, 89 percent of women eat chocolate. Among daily chocolate eaters, 57 percent are women. With that being said, Holl’s Chocolates needs to target female consumers.

Age: Millennials (24-34 years old) compose about 25 percent of the United States population, and the drive consumer demand because of their increasing purchasing power.

Education: As a part of the millennial mindset, women are not strictly stay-at-home mothers; they are in the workforce. Almost half of the women ages 24-34 have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Salary/Employment: In April, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research released a report stating full-time, millennial women earn an average of $30,000. For Holl’s , the target market works an 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. week.

Location/Transport: Because this female audience does work, it only makes sense they live in a suburban area for commuting reasons. This also means they would need a form of transportation – a car.

Family life: Millennials differ from other generations in this area. Many try to maximize life by completing their education and receiving a steady income before establishing a family of their own. So, Holl’s target audience of females are in a relationship, but do not have children.


Millennials are incredibly tech-savvy. Almost all millennials own a smartphone, and according to FutureCast, 56 percent of the population claim to be the very first or among the first to try new technology. With this, millennials can be defined as joiners. In social technographics, a joiner maintains their social media profile and visits the site to be updated.

However, millennials do not just stare at bright screens watching DIY videos all day. The same report stated 46 percent of men and women this age are content creators. So, they post original photos, videos and text that they themselves have generated. Along with this, millennials could also be considered critics. Word of mouth is the most important social media tool. One too many poor comments can make a company start to crumble. More millennials contribute to reviews of products and services than any other generation. 70 percent say they feel responsible to share feedback about an experience with a brand.

Last, almost half of millennials are more willing to make a purchase if it supports a cause. They like to read about, understand and promote brands that support a cause they believe in. This is an important piece of information for Holl’s Chocolates. The business is rich in history, and to peak this audience’s interest, it would be ideal to release content relating to the foundation of Holl’s and any community outreach it does.

Social Platforms

Facebook: About 80 percent of adults ages 24-34 use Facebook. Over half of millennials claim to have 200+ friends on this platform. Even though Facebook was created 12 years ago, it is the most active social media site. 70 percent say they use it daily.

Twitter: 25% of millennials are active on Twitter. While many still use this platform, the amount of daily users is slowly declining.

Instagram: 28% of the target audience are on Instagram.

Pinterest: 26% of users are millennials.

Instead of Holl’s Chocolates exerting itself on covering all media platforms, it needs to focus on the ones most relevant to its target audience; in this case, Facebook and Instagram. The demographics and characteristics of the millennial generation will be beneficial in creating a social media plan catered to the habits the generation exhibits.







3 thoughts on “Target Audience: Holl’s Chocolates

  1. This is well thought out and put together. I definitely feel that they do need to concentrate on either Facebook or Instagram to target that audience. I agree with doing a promotion where they would partner up with a good cause. Maybe they could do something with the Wood County relay for life or something to help locally would be good to drawn in more people. Appealing to that demographic is good as well, that age range with wanting to achieve her goals before having a family but in a steady relationship because she can buy it for herself or have an interest and her boyfriend could get it for her as a gift so it is a win win for Holl’s. I feel like this is a wonderful presentation.


  2. I think I might know 1 person who doesn’t like chocolate. This delicious form of candy almost sells itself, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s a big problem for businesses who want to be the go-to company for chocolate: so much competition. You have outlined a great social media plan for this company, and have nailed the target audience, although I think “everybody” may be the target audience, haha!! So, to ward off the competition and bring the chocolate lover masses to your company, a great social media platform must exist. Pictures and videos posted daily, advertising all the chocolate products available would be a great start. However, they must keep an eye on their competition by following their social media and checking out their marketing strategies that might give them pointers to entice customers to their social media pages, and in turn, their business. Increased customer interaction and customer service can go a long way to attracting customers, as well, so keeping an eye on any comments someone might make on a post on their page and that of the competitors is a great way of keeping bad word of mouth from getting out of hand.


  3. This is well put together and researched. I believe you chose the perfect target audience for Holl’s, with plenty of research to back each decision you made. I agree that millennia’s are creators, critics, and joiners. Focusing on Facebook and Instagram would gather a large amount of new consumers and would help to boost their company sales.


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