Eat More Chocolate: Holl’s Chocolates Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Holl’s Chocolates: Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Goal: Engage women ages 24-34 and attract attention to social media platforms.

Objective 1: Create a Holl’s Chocolates Instagram account and gain 800 followers by November 1, 2016.

Strategy 1: Construct a proper Instagram aesthetic.

  • Tactic 1.1: Use the hashtag #HollsChocolates on all posts, and encourage users to do the same.
  • Tactic 1.2: Maintain a theme by continuing to post clean and, or professional content.
  • Tactic 1.3: Source old photos to tell the story of Holl’s Chocolates.
  • Tactic 1.4: Interact with users by following accounts, liking photos and commenting on posts.

Strategy 2: Create exposure for the Instagram account by using available and owned media channels.

  • Tactic 2.3: Add the Instagram link to Holl’s Chocolates website and any promotional material.
  • Tactic 2.2: Utilize Instagram’s paid advertisement feature and become a “promoted post”.
  • Tactic 2.1: Cross post from the Holl’s Chocolates Facebook page with a link and the hashtag #HollsChocolates.
  • Tactic 2.4: Post at least three consumer generated posts a week, and use the same Instagram filter when reposting to maintain a theme.

Objective 2: Host an in-store and out-of-store events every three months.

Strategy 1: Contact local institutions of learning and schedule mixers to spark student engagement.

  • Tactic 1.1: Build a mutually beneficial relationship with colleges by sponsoring student organizations.
  • Tactic 1.2: Offer a 10% discount to individuals when they present a student ID.
  • Tactic 1.3: Invite other area businesses so they may present their product or service.
  • Tactic 1.4: Make announcements, limited time offers and offer free samples throughout the event.

Strategy 2: Host an open house at the Holl’s Chocolates location in Vienna, West Virginia.

  • Tactic 2.1: Transform it into an elite event by only inviting a select number of individuals.
  • Tactic 2.2: Select guests by running a social media contest.
  • Tactic 2.3: Offer free samples and discounts during the event.
  • Tactic 2.4: Give guests a behind-the-scenes tour of the business.

Objective 3: Re-activate the Holl’s Chocolates Twitter account and gain 400 followers by November 1, 2016.

Strategy 1: Modify the Holl’s Chocolates Twitter aesthetic.

  • Tactic 1.1: Feature products in the account header.
  • Tactic 1.2: Use the hashtag #HollsChocolates on all posts, and encourage users to do the same.
  • Tactic 1.3: Interact with users by following accounts and favoriting and replying to tweets.
  • Tactic 1.4: Optimize Holl’s Chocolates Twitter bio by adding a tagline to capture users’ attention.

Strategy 2: Create a Hootsuite account to manage all social media platforms

  • Tactic 2.1: Schedule at least three weekly posts for the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Tactic 2.2: Track each social media campaign to improve Holl’s Chocolates return of investment.
  • Tactic 2.3: Track customer comments to not only to reply to users, but to also improve the business based on criticism.
  • Tactic 2.4: Release clean and professional media featuring daily, weekly and monthly specials.

Objective 4: Increase Holl’s Chocolates location visibility, and increase online sales by January 1, 2017.

Strategy 1: Increase awareness of the Vienna, WV location in consumer minds.

  • Tactic 1.1: Maximize retail signage.
  • Tactic 1.2: Provide employees with branded products (shirts, koozies, totes, briefcases etc.)
  • Tactic 1.3: Offer customers portable signage in the form of reusable shopping bags with the Holl’s Chocolates logo and location.
  • Tactic 1.4: Decorate company vehicles.

Strategy 2: Form relationships with area and statewide businesses.

  • Tactic 2.1: Cross-promote Holl’s in a noncompetitive business’ storefront window
  • Tactic 2.2: Schedule a demonstration in another store, business or non-profit organization.
  • Tactic 2.3: Compose articles for local media.
  • Tactic 2.4: Have a representative attend relevant events.
  • Tactic 2.5: Expand Holl’s Chocolates to area and statewide marketplaces.
  • Tactic 2.6: In every location, maintain uniformity in appearance and customer service.

Strategy 3: Reposition the Holl’s Chocolates website in the minds of consumers.

  • Tactic 3.1: Offer an exclusive product on the homepage.
  • Tactic 3.2: Promote online ordering using owned and available social media platforms.
  • Tactic 3.3: Send opt-in offers every two weeks to email subscribers.
  • Tactic 3.4: Create a hover ad for the website in which a discount is provided in exchange for an email subscription.
  • Tactic 3.5: Include customer testimonials in sales letters.

Be Adventurous, Have a Laugh and Grab a Coke

Top three commercial picks from across the years:

  1. Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World

Is The Most Interesting Man in the World not so interesting? Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis announced it was time to evolve the story and introduce a new face to millennials.

2. It’s Not Complicated AT&T

While this commercial is six years old, it still holds a few laughs. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun every now and then?

3. Coca-Cola: Brotherly Love

Coca-Cola captured the unique relationship between two brothers (no one can hurt my brother except for me). The story is even put to the song “Hey Brother” by Avicii.

Dove Real Beauty Sketch: You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” went viral three years ago. Today, it has over 6 million views on YouTube. The brand loves to celebrate women, and it even started its own beauty campaign in 2004. This video is one of many in the series of the campaign.

The goal of this particular video is to promote a positive body image. Ultimately, feeling beautiful leads to a happy, healthier life. One reason Dove was able to break through the social media clutter is because it has an established brand personality. As stated before, Dove released similar content promoting a healthy self-image. So, if a consumer enjoyed previous content, they are going to be on the watch for more (no pun intended), and will clink the link when a new post is uploaded.

Of course, the video elicits strong emotions from viewers, increasing is shareability. Personally, I responded with emotions of warmth, happiness and inspiration. Users are sharing Dove’s content because it has a social motive behind it; they want to be a part of a movement.

In general, this is brilliant storytelling. Dove uses real women of all size, weight, age and race. This leads to the plot of the short film. Gil Zamora, a forensic sketch artist draws women based on their own self-perception. When describing themselves, the women mainly pointed out characteristics they would change about themselves (thin lips, wrinkles and dark circles). Then, a stranger, who has met one of the women previously, gives their own description of the individual. The stranger’s sketch was more attractive and accurate than that of the actual woman.

At the end, the brand positioning statement, “You are more beautiful than you think” appears on the stark white screen.

Dove also has a strong strategy in releasing its content. It was uploaded in 25 different languages and seen in 110 countries.  Besides releasing the positioning statement at the close of the film, Dove displays a link allowing viewers to experience more beauty sketches.


Target Audience: Holl’s Chocolates


Sex: According to a recent study by NCA & The Futures Company, 89 percent of women eat chocolate. Among daily chocolate eaters, 57 percent are women. With that being said, Holl’s Chocolates needs to target female consumers.

Age: Millennials (24-34 years old) compose about 25 percent of the United States population, and the drive consumer demand because of their increasing purchasing power.

Education: As a part of the millennial mindset, women are not strictly stay-at-home mothers; they are in the workforce. Almost half of the women ages 24-34 have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Salary/Employment: In April, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research released a report stating full-time, millennial women earn an average of $30,000. For Holl’s , the target market works an 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. week.

Location/Transport: Because this female audience does work, it only makes sense they live in a suburban area for commuting reasons. This also means they would need a form of transportation – a car.

Family life: Millennials differ from other generations in this area. Many try to maximize life by completing their education and receiving a steady income before establishing a family of their own. So, Holl’s target audience of females are in a relationship, but do not have children.


Millennials are incredibly tech-savvy. Almost all millennials own a smartphone, and according to FutureCast, 56 percent of the population claim to be the very first or among the first to try new technology. With this, millennials can be defined as joiners. In social technographics, a joiner maintains their social media profile and visits the site to be updated.

However, millennials do not just stare at bright screens watching DIY videos all day. The same report stated 46 percent of men and women this age are content creators. So, they post original photos, videos and text that they themselves have generated. Along with this, millennials could also be considered critics. Word of mouth is the most important social media tool. One too many poor comments can make a company start to crumble. More millennials contribute to reviews of products and services than any other generation. 70 percent say they feel responsible to share feedback about an experience with a brand.

Last, almost half of millennials are more willing to make a purchase if it supports a cause. They like to read about, understand and promote brands that support a cause they believe in. This is an important piece of information for Holl’s Chocolates. The business is rich in history, and to peak this audience’s interest, it would be ideal to release content relating to the foundation of Holl’s and any community outreach it does.

Social Platforms

Facebook: About 80 percent of adults ages 24-34 use Facebook. Over half of millennials claim to have 200+ friends on this platform. Even though Facebook was created 12 years ago, it is the most active social media site. 70 percent say they use it daily.

Twitter: 25% of millennials are active on Twitter. While many still use this platform, the amount of daily users is slowly declining.

Instagram: 28% of the target audience are on Instagram.

Pinterest: 26% of users are millennials.

Instead of Holl’s Chocolates exerting itself on covering all media platforms, it needs to focus on the ones most relevant to its target audience; in this case, Facebook and Instagram. The demographics and characteristics of the millennial generation will be beneficial in creating a social media plan catered to the habits the generation exhibits.






Social Media Habits: Muggle v. Politician

J.K. Rowling

With over 8 million followers, J.K. Rowling is a wizard when it comes to Twitter. She posts frequently, is not afraid to voice her opinion and she incorporates Harry Potter into her tweets almost daily. Just imagining her account, one would think it to be filled with Severus Snape memes and cheesy jokes about Voldemort not having a nose, but in reality, Rowling is politically active and shares her viewpoints along with educating users about social issues.

For example, she supports the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. But she does not simply say so; she backs her claims with statistics. Not only is she targeting same-party members, but she may also be trying to target “on the fence” citizens. In other words, she is using compelling data to inform citizens that are not sure where their loyalty lies.


As stated before, she communicates with fans. On average, she replies to about 40 followers daily. This is pretty extraordinary. Because of the overwhelming amount of fan replies celebrities get, most do not read through comments nor respond. Also, she gets crafty when answering Potter questions. This is how Rowling uses Twitter as a marketing device for Harry Potter. She is promoting her projects to a core audience, and she does not go overboard doing so. She does not have to. By simply mentioning the franchise daily, she is reminding consumers of the product value and personality her stories have.
Rowling 3.png           Rowling 2.png

In addition to Twitter, Rowling has a Facebook page. The differences between the two platforms is how she utilizes them. Twitter is more of a personal spot for Rowling to speak her own voice on topics unrelated to the Harry Potter franchise. Facebook, while it does support social matters as shown below, is only used to promote Rowling’s written work. Uniquely, her page consists more of videos, such as trailers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and behind the scenes looks at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


Marco Rubio

The U.S. Senator of Florida has around 1.6 million followers on Twitter. On average, he tweets five times a day. While Rubio is no longer a presidential candidate, he is running for re-election in Florida. Not only is he publishing content that emphasizes what policies he would like to implement, but he also retweets content that showcases his supporters.

rubioRubio 1.png              Rubio 2.png

It is important that he interacts with users in this way, because it indicates that Rubio is reading user generated content and appreciates the strides citizens take to encourage voting. The photos above also suggest Rubio appeals to all generations, sexes and nationalities.

Marco Rubio also utilizes Facebook and Instagram daily by posting at least two times a day. Unlike Twitter, Rubio’s Facebook page almost solely posts information about his Democratic competitors and their policies (Obama Administration, Hilary Clinton and Patrick Murphy). Even though the content is meant to educate users, Rubio does not interact with them on this platform. His messages would be more effective if he read users’ comments and answered their political questions.

Rubio Facebook.pngRubio Insta.png

On the other hand Rubio’s Instagram account is more about making the people his voice. By posting content with supporters, he is showing the actual people his policies will help.

 Rowling v. Rubio

            One would think there would be major differences in a celebrity and a politician’s social media practices, but looking at J.K. Rowling and Marco Rubio specifically, there are no major differences. Both use the platforms to voice their political views, and while they may be marketing different products, Rowling and Rubio are interacting with users and drawing attention to items and services they have to offer.