It’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow for Disney Fans

It’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow for Disney Fans

If you’re like me, your Saturday was spent refreshing Twitter, Periscope and Instagram for the latest updates at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. This is the biggest event of the year for Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm Fans alike. Everyone gathers to be surprised by Disney cast members, directors and imagineers. And, were we ever surprised.

First up, we have the Disney Legends Awards. Johnny Depp was a surprise guest of the ceremony. Cameras flashed as he placed his hands in the grey cement. Now, Captain Jack Sparrow now holds a new treasure. The list of other honorees include:

George Bodenheimer – ESPN

Andreas Deja – Animator

Eyvind Earle – Artist

Danny Elfman – Musician/Singer

George Lucas – Filmmaker

Susan Lucci – Actress

Julie Casaletto – Disney’s 1st Ambassador

Carson Van Osten – Artist

Johnny Depp – Actor

D23 EXPO 2015 - D23 EXPO, the ultimate Disney fan event, brings together all the past, present and future of Disney entertainment under one roof. Taking place August 14-16, this year marks the fourth D23 EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center and promises to be the biggest and most spectacular yet. (ABC/Image Group LA) JOHNNY DEPP

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While the voices behind the Muppets brought crowds laughter with beloved characters like Fozzy Bear, Pepe and Animal, Disney cast members were able to bring tears to fans’ eyes by reminiscing about the past 60 years of Disneyland with home videos, merchandise, a history of the Jungle Cruise and storytelling. The emotions fans experienced during this panels are much like the emotions movie-goers watched in Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

Pixar had brought us many adventurous tales of fish, superheroes and toys. And, this tradition is being continued. Coming to theatres near you are:

Finding Dory – This story will feature Dory, the forgetful fish, as she tries to find her family.

Toy Story 4 – this will expand on Woody and Bo Peeps relationship as Woody and Buzz go on a search mission to find Little Bo Peep and her sheep.

Incredibles 2 – picking up on our favorite superheros.

The Good Dinosaur – to focus on the relationship between a cave boy and a friendly dinosaur when the Earth will experience a meteor shower.

Gigantic – Robert Lopez (musician from Frozen) will pen the music for this re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Zootopia – a film featuring Shakira who plays the animal, Gazelle in a mammal metropolitan society.

Coco – Dia De Los Muertos is the Day of the Dead, but this film will be brought to life as the story of a young boy finds  a surprising family reunion.

Many Disney theme park lands are designed around popular animation. Going along with this wonderful Pixar it is time to announce…Toy Story Land. A larger than life Buzz Lightyear, Alien Spin ride and Slinky Coaster are just a few attractions to be undergoing construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.


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Speaking of attractions, a rumor has been confirmed! Star Wars will be expanded at both Disneyland and Disney World. Jedi and Sith will be able to enjoy a new Star Wars Launch Bay (based on the Force Awakens), Season of the Force (themed park season) and Star Tours-The Adventure Continues (based on the Force Awakens).


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Well, I don’t know about you, but that is about as much excitement as I can take. If you would like more information on the topics I touched based on today, be sure to check out the official Disney blog, unofficial Disney vloggers on Youtube, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram for more updates.

Be sure to check in for more.

Have a magical, Disney day!



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