Feature Story

A feature story is an article about a person, place or thing. This article was written under class circumstances. The people, companies and product mentioned are not real.

Washington Smells of 1776


            The favorite founding father has come out with a new favorite scent. In one month, Respigio’s fragrance, Washington, will be available in Margusho’s stores. “Washington never lies” so, don’t lie about wearing Washington. It comes in four products: cologne, cologne spray, after-shave lotion and razor-relief lotion. The mixture includes cinnamon, George’s favorite spice. It will have customers smelling George-ous!

Margusho’s vice president of marketing, Anne Twente, said research shows customers love George Washington. With a unanimous vote from the public, you can expect big things from Washington. The fragrance represents a man of strength and integrity.

Men will be lining up to exchange the George in their pocket for a bottle of Washington. The red, white and blue package will attract those who don’t have a laissez fair attitude toward odor. Be sure to enlighten customers with this Margusho’s exclusive product. Washington is the scent America has smelled since 1776.


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