MetLife Hong Kong EduCare

In January 2015, MetLife Hong Kong released a video titled “My Dad’s Story”. It presents a young school girl reciting an essay about her father. Joyful scenes of the father and his daughter flash by as the girl describes her father as “kind”, “handsome” and a “superhero”. Then, the daughter pauses and reveals that her father lies. He lies about having a job and money, but he does so for the love of his daughter. The advertisement ends with the message, “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.”

The ad was created to promote MetLife’s EduCare savings plan. This plan helps parents save money for their child’s higher education. When visiting MetLife’s website, I found that the video fell in line with the reputation and image of the company. MetLife wants to “provide protection”, “preserve a family’s standard of living” and “avoid leaving debt”. They care about maintaining a safe financial future for families.

In recent years, advertisements have turned to storytelling to gain an audience’s attention. Like this ad, no product benefits are usually listed. Companies want to gain an audience’s trust through an emotional appeal. To be honest, this ad did make me tear up. It made me think of my mother and the sacrifices she has made for the benefit of my life.

The target audience is parents in general. Whether the parent is single or married, the ad was telling parents that MetLife would support them in providing a better life for their child. The whole basis of the commercial was showing the relationship between a child and her father. With that being said, there was an implicit “call to action”. MetLife did not ask the audience to “call now and talk to a representative”. The commercial merely said, “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.” Only then was the MetLife logo presented.

I do not think that the advertisement really followed the AIDA formula all the way. It captured attention through an emotionally “feel good” start. And, it held interest because of the young girl’s “but” statement. As I said before, product placement and benefits were not included in this advertisement. So, it was not until the end that the audience knew what the commercial was really for. Even then, MetLife did not state anything about the EduCare plan. I had to do research to find out that Met Life was advertising this specific product.

I truly love this advertisement. I like that companies are turning toward storytelling to get and audience’s trust and respect. As I said before, the ad connected with me on a personal level even though I am not a parent. Since I am not a parent, I will not be buying this product, but perhaps I will in the future. The advertisement showed that MetLife will sacrifice for parents that sacrifice for their children. It makes me want to be a part of what the company represents.


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